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SNAP Judgments: Collateral Consequences of Felony Drug Convictions for Federal Food Assistance

Claire K. Child & Stephanie A. Clark, Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law

(December 2021)
SNAP Judgements journal article cover image

This article addresses the history and evolution of SNAP and the federal ban on access for individuals with drug-related felony convictions. Part I introduces the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and discusses its history and intent. Part II examines the origins of the felony drug disqualification from SNAP, including its legislative history. Part III discusses the broader consequences of felony convictions and eligibility requirements for participation in SNAP.

Part IV addresses the Food and Nutrition Service’s annual State Options Report and presents research on state status regarding the felony drug disqualification. Part V analyzes the disqualification as it relates to achieving SNAP’s goal of improving food security and nutrition for low-income households in the US. Part VI offers recommendations for steps that could result in better inclusion of low-income individuals in federal food assistance programs.

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