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Iron Shackles to Invisible Chains: Breaking the Binds of Collateral Consequences

Artika Renee Tyner and Dr. Darlene Fry, University of Baltimore Law Review

(January 2020)
Iron Shackles to Invisible Chains - Breaking the Binds of Collateral Consequences Cover

According to this journal article, mass incarceration has a far-reaching impact when an estimated 70 million, or 1 in 3, adults have a criminal record. The impact of mass incarceration is exacerbated due to collateral consequences. Collateral consequences can be defined as hidden sanctions which emerge automatically at the onset of a criminal conviction. They are referred to as “hidden” because they are not formally quantifiable in a sentence or imposed penalty.

The authors argue that, due to the disproportionate rate in which African-Americans are incarcerated, collateral consequences have a profound impact by limiting access to jobs, professional licensure, and restricting access to the ladder of economic mobility.

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