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The Frontiers of Dignity: Clean Slate and Other Criminal Record Reforms in 2022

Margaret Love and Rob Poggenklass, Collateral Consequences Resource Center

(January 2023)
The Frontiers of Dignity report cover

In 2022, 33 states, the District of Columbia, and the federal government enacted 71 separate pieces of legislation, passed two ballot initiatives, and took unprecedented executive actions to restore rights and opportunities to people with an arrest or conviction history.

This report from the Collateral Consequences Resource Center (CCRC) highlights key developments in reintegration reforms from the past year. Following it, the CCRC's fourth annual legislative Report Card recognizes what the Center deems the most productive legislatures in 2022, and notes that there are now only two states that have enacted no record reforms since CCRC reporting began in 2016.

The body of the report provides topical discussions of last year’s reform measures, followed by an appendix documenting and summarizing the new laws by jurisdiction. More detailed analysis of each state’s laws is available in the state profiles from CCRC’s Restoration of Rights Project, and a national overview is presented in the 50-state comparison charts on various types of record relief.

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National Studies and Inventories