Collateral Consequences Resource Center

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The Collateral Consequences Resource Center (CCRC) is a non-profit organization established in 2014 to promote public engagement on the myriad issues raised by the legal restrictions and societal stigma that burden people with a criminal record long after their criminal case is closed. Situated at the intersection of the academic and advocacy communities, the Center provides a variety of research and practice materials aimed at legal and policy advocates, courts, scholars, lawmakers, and those most directly affected by criminal justice involvement.  It also provides news and commentary about this dynamic area of the law.

Through their Restoration of Rights Project (RRP), the CCRC describe and analyze the various laws and practices relating to criminal record relief in each U.S. jurisdiction. In addition to these state-by-state profiles, a series of 50-state comparison charts and periodic reports on new enactments make it possible to see national patterns and emerging trends in official efforts to mitigate the adverse impact of a criminal record. The center also consults in support of state law reform efforts, and in 2019 led a successful effort to develop a model law on access to and use of non-conviction records. In addition, the CCRC participates in court cases challenging specific collateral consequences, and engage with social media and journalists on these issues.

The CCRC welcomes tips about relevant current developments—including judicial decisions and new legislation—as well as proposals for projects on topics related to collateral consequences and criminal records, and encourage submission of analytical pieces for posting on the center website.