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The D.C. Reentry Navigator: Empowering You to Succeed with a D.C. Criminal Record

The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia

(January 2021)
The D.C. Reentry Navigator report cover

This publication is designed to empower and equip people affected by the D.C. criminal justice system with necessary information to successfully navigate reentry and reintegration. It is intended for use by people who are currently incarcerated or recently released, people living in the community with a D.C. criminal record, or people who support those with a D.C. criminal record, such as loved ones, service providers, and community members.

Each chapter is designed to stand alone and pertains to a specific topic. At the end of every chapter, there is a section titled “Directory of Resources.” This table lists the name, address, and information for organizations relating to the chapter. The directory is intended to help you navigate reentry. 

Note: The information contained in this book is current as of January 2021. Please be advised that this information can change over time.

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State Studies and Inventories