The Consequences of Conviction Sanctions Beyond the Sentence Under Colorado Law

Colorado State Public Defender

(November 2019)
The Consequences of Conviction Under Colorado Law cover image

This publication attempts to document the true impact of a criminal conviction in Colorado. It contains consequences that arise under Colorado law, yet are not included in the sentence imposed by a judge at the conclusion of a criminal case. The goal of this work is to provide all participants in the criminal justice system a more accurate understanding of how a conviction will impact the life of an accused person and the community in which that person will ultimately live.

Since the 2014 edition was published, Colorado law has expanded the number of consequences associated with a conviction, but added mechanisms to help some individuals obtain relief. It is thus more important than ever for people accused of a crime, and all participants in the justice system, to be aware of the true consequences of a conviction.

Note: This publication was finalized in November 2019. Subsequent changes to the law are not included.

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State Studies and Inventories